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The Chemical Engineering Program based on NEP 2020 framework at MGM University is all set to develop future change makers!

Established in 1983, the Chemical Engineering Department of the Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College was one of the first Chemical Engineering Colleges in the Marathwada region. The B. Tech. Chemical Engineering program of the Department is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). In 2019, the Department along with the college came under the wings of MGM University, which is self-financed State University and is approved by the Govt. of Maharashtra and UGC, India. 

MGM University is the first private university in Marathwada to fully implement the New Education Policy (NEP 2020. The chemical engineering curriculum has been designed as per the guidelines to increase the employability and to prepare students to work in a Multi-disciplinary work environment. It has given freedom to students what they want to study. As part of NEP 2020, in addition to Major in Chemical Engineering various courses offered are, core courses and core elective courses, students have option of choosing Minor program in different discipline of their choice and interests. Considering the Business potential of the chemical engineering discipline, department in collaboration with Management School offer Minor in FinTech or Business Analytics. Also those who are interested in working in IT industry, students can opt for Minor in “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” or “Data Science” in collaboration with Computer Science and Information Technology departments. 

Department also encourages students to opt for Minor in “Chemical Technology” to enhance their knowledge of industries such as Petrochemicals, Polymers, Oil and Fats, Surface Coatings and Pulp & Paper, which are altogether different disciplines from Chemical Engineering In addition, students can choose courses from different institutes of the University such as Generic/ Open Electives; Vocational Skill and Skill Enhancement Courses; Vocational Skill Courses; Skill Enhancement Courses; Ability Enhancement Courses; Indian Knowledge System; Value Education Courses etc. On Job Training: Internship/ Apprenticeship; Field projects; Community engagement project. Curriculum includes Co-curricular Courses such as Research Methodology; Research Project, Liberal Learning Course, Courses on Humanities, Social Science, and Management etc. Pedagogies concentrating on student’s active participation are extensively used in the teaching-learning process. More emphasis is given on hands-on-experience and rigorous periodic continuous assessment to enable students understands theoretical concepts more.

Students at Chemical engineering departed are supported by the outstanding facilities available in MGM University such as analytical instruments in chemical engineering department for product analysis, process automation and additive manufacturing facility available at Innovation Incubation Research Centre (IIRC), Entrepreneurship Development (EDP) Cell Engineering Exploration Centre as well as interdisciplinary support from departments. education. 

The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Chemical Engineering degree program is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and offers Choice Based Credit System education. In addition to core courses, student can opt for discipline specific elective subjects, open elective subjects from different institutes of the MGM University. This program is uniquely designed to enhance the employability and to prepare students to work in a multidisciplinary work environment. To achieve this, program offers Major-Minor degree scheme wherein Major will be in core Chemical Engineering and Minor will be as per students interests. To provoke independent thoughts in students and importance of team work, program also emphasises Outcome Based Education, design thinking process and cooperative education component involving Projects, Seminars, Internships and Activity Based Learning. We aim and prepare students to be adaptable and industry-ready with proficiency across range of technical and non-technical subjects. Chemical Engineers have continuously contributed and still are contributing to improve standard of living of the society through many sustainable processes and products. Therefore, after completion of this program our students will be very well suited to serve in both industrial and service sector.

MGM University is a vibrant institution dedicated to excellence in education, research, and personal growth. The University conducts field projects, cutting-edge workshops, hands-on training with advanced instrumentation, industry visits, and inspiring graduate and Post Graduate projects to foster research aptitude and encourage peer-reviewed publications. MGM University has an exciting time ahead as our country faces great scientific and technical challenges, and the solutions to many of which will be found by Chemical Engineers and it can be by you!

Do plan your visit to the campus today! Or contact any faculty members of the department to know more about the program or simply take a step-by-step application here:

Blog by - Dr.Sadanand Y. Guhe, Head, Chem Engg Dept, JNEC, MGMU

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