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Copyright on “Cloud Cluster Security Policy using Datacrypt based on Ontology”

Dr. Sharvari Chandrashekhar Tamane, Professor and HoD, Information Technology, MGM University, Aurangabad has successfully registered a Copyright on “Cloud Cluster Security Policy using Datacrypt based on Ontology” in January 2020 with the copyright office of Government of India, along with Ms. Smita Chavan, AP, GCOE Aurangabad

Cloud computing is a real time model that uses shared computing resources instead of local servers to deploy the user’s applications. Cloud cluster security policy using datacrypt based on ontology, mainly focuses on the design and development of ontology to detect and prevent web-based service attacks. Cloud computing security prevents data access and its modification from unauthorized users. Proposed idea provides this security by specifying a set of policies, standard technologies, tools, storage and some control for data access. Proposed system uses Amazon web services to create memory storage according to the requirement. Number of nodes can be created by using IaaS to test the attacks. Open source web application firewall (mod security) in AWS EC2 is used against these attacks. Mod security rules are used to write the ontology. The ontology is useful for HTTP vulnerability attacks by considering HTTP protocol and its structure. Hence overall system describes how to avoid attacks by making custom rules to provide authentication, confidentiality, and integrity facilities to data. Infrastructure for the system is created successfully to deploy the application.

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