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MGM’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, one of the premium institutes in Maharashtra, successfully hosted 62nd Zonal NASA Convention from 14th to 17th September 2019. The National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA India) is one of the largest architectural student organizations in the world with student participants from more than two hundred colleges all over India and countries around the world. The objective of NASA is to create a platform for students to learn, interact, and engage them directly-indirectly through online and offline forum. These conventions take place at state level and national level once in a year.

Students and Faculty of Architecture at MGM’s JNEC got the opportunity to host this year’s Zonal NASA Convention at Aurangabad. In this zonal convention the entire colleges of Zone 3 (Maharashtra) came and interacted with each other through different competitions, trophies, seminars and workshops. Also, this event allowed students and the whole MGM campus to witness and experience value added moments with some prominent architects, professionals, artists and academicians. There are total 40 colleges in zone 3, out of which 30 colleges attendedthis zonal event with more than 900 students as participants. It was a three day closed convention, where in our students executed the whole event under the team of Mr. Sushil Patil, Zonal Convener, (fifth year student), Ms. AnishaMulay, Unit Secretory, (third year student), Prof. J. C. Gogte (HOD, Architecture) and Prof. Saranga Nawal (Faculty Convener).

On 15th September 2019 the inauguration ceremony of 62nd ZNC took place, in MGM’s Rukmini Auditorium, in presence of Shri. A. N. Kadam (Secretary, MGM Trust), Dr. H. H. Shinde (Principal, J.N.E.C.), Dr. Vijaya Musande (Vice-Principal, J.N.E.C.) and speakers of the day Ar. Sanjay Patil (Nasik), Ar. Shailesh Devi (Pune). The programme started with a ‘Ganesh Vandana’ dance performance by host college students.Later the keynote speakers edified students from different cities, by sharing their professional experiences through presentations etc.

Ar. Shailesh Devi, the first keynote speaker, mentioned how knowledge and passion helps to bring growth, meaning amongst society and create harmony within our personality. He talked about the old and incredible architectural work of Aurangabad and mentioned other parts of India's magnificent architectural work.Through his projects he demonstrated how an architect can use the natural and simple elements in their architectural work to offer great phenomenal experiences to the society as a whole.He gave the examples of shadows cast through ancient and typical Indian style of architectural works. He also shared his experimentation with the structures which are more connected with nature, with ancient Indian style that creates something with which people feel comfortable and to be more open within!

The second keynote speaker, a prominent environmental architect, Ar. Sanjay Patil gave an insight how the site itself gives you all the solutions when you are baffled. He shared his personal life experiences and how he adapted all the different ideologies and styles. He emphasized that the need of the hour is to create a balance between nature, natural ways, and modern technology. He said the art is to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by enhancing efficiency by moderation in the use of materials, energy and development space.He spoke out for the importance of “reduce, reuse and recycle” making incredible structures with optimum utilization of resources. His incredible eco-architectural works proved his keenness towards the creation of a sustainable environment. He further mentioned that the imbalance in environment and man overpowering nature is vicious. And purity is enough than overthinking and making drastic changes.Lastly he shared his mantra and quoted, “I have no special talent,I am passionately curious."

The event further continued through various workshops, seminars, on the spot design competition, games and cultural events. Students enjoyed and actively participated in various competitions.

Seminars on topics like Art and Architecture delivered by Mrs. Parwati Dutta, a renowned Kathak dancer and Director ofMahagami explained the prominence of the perfect combination of Art and Craft to create better-designed structures. She emphasized on our own history as a ‘resourceful teacher’ to be inspired from.

Another seminar on world heritage sites in India was presented by Conservation Architect, Ms.TejaswaniAphale, wherein she shared her own work for World Heritage and explained how the meaning of heritage in Indian context has to be different than the European context. On the same note, Ar. Abraham Pathrose conducted a seminar titled “Heritage & Us” which spoke about the importance of heritage sites and their appropriate conservation& what these sites mean to thepeople. An eminent ecologist Dr. R. R. Deshpande, Director of MGM Clean India Centre, enlightened students about Eco- Architecture, wherein he also demonstrated the various field activities that are being carried out under his guidance.

A seminar by Ar. ShardaMudkavi on Internship Portfolio talked about how an impressive portfolio can easily create animpression of an Architect.The rise of greenhouse effects and global warming is not a hidden issues these days. A seminar on Sustainable designs highlighting how an architect can create their art without harming the motherland in a pragmatic manner was presented by Ar. PurvaKeskar.

The second day of convention continued with distinguished Landscape Architect Mr. Mahesh Nampurkar, Pune along with renowned and illustrious Ar. AlkeshGangwal from Aurangabad. In his session, Ar. Mahesh Nampurkar shared his journey as an enthusiastic student towards serving as landscape architect for President of India. He emphasizedstudents to be more passionate and believe in themselves. Students thereafter continued to interact with him throughout the day.

The second speaker of the day Ar. AlkeshGangwal put forth how the value of an idea and a well design hypothesis can play a significant role in designing any interior space. He explained the crucial role of five ‘I’s which will further develop architect’s own philosophy. He further demonstrated the importance of precision in our profession through his number of famous projects.

Seminars on topics like, Thinking Design, Conscious Architecture, Eco-Friendly components of sustainable architecture&conceptual visualizationwere conducted to acquaint the students with on-going concerns of conscious resource consumption and also to facilitate them in expressing their design thought process in a comprehensible manner. Seminar by Ar. LokendraBalsaria (Owner, Laspazio Designs, Ahmedabad)on ‘Regenerative Habitat’ where he also motivated students through illustration of his participation in various social awareness programmes of waste management in the state of Gujarat.

The convention also had a plethora of workshops to offer students an opportunity to experience actual field work. Some of the workshops conducted were Deployable Structures, Bamboo Structures, Tensile Structures, and Set- Designing by Ar. ShyamChaudhari, Ar. Riddhi Bora, Ar. Vaibhavi Agrawal, and Mr. Shiv Kadam, respectively. These workshops gave students a bunch of practical &hands-on experience.

Workshops such as Software,RERUM & Model-making, Ball pen Rendering & calligraphy presentationwere conductedto enhance the academicand professional know-how of the students.Ar. Amit Deshpande conducted the calligraphy workshop and beautifully guided the students in explaining the significance of using appropriate lettering in visual presentations. He also enlightened the application of different mediums that are used to createand enhance the impactful presentations.

Workshops pertaining to various allied streams of architecture such as Pottery, Bidri, and Photography, by Mr. Sahil Solanki, Mr. Yusuf (MGM Nucleus) and Mr. Baiju Patil (MGM CJMC) were also a part of the convention. Through these workshops students got the opportunity to learn & explore the basics of these streams.

Workshop on GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) sensitized the students regarding the planning& designing of green building. Similarlyworkshop on ISOLA (Indian Society of Landscape Architects) opened up imaginations and brought out creative ways of looking at landscapes through different media.

To end with, an interactive session, between a group of faculty and students, on ‘Architectural Education in India’ was conducted by Prof. Saranga Nawal, wherein participants expressed their critical views like- student’s economy, role of architect in the society, architectural awareness and academic duration along with course content etc.

Every college participated in Urban Design Trophy- Rethinking Grey Economy and Landscape Trophy titled ‘Arpan’. Also, the very precious ‘Rubens Trophy’ in which every college participated with its own the best academic work was organized. Each competition was judged by a jury of famous architects and academicians like Ar. V. N. Tawde (Aurangabad), Ar. Shekhar Jivrag (Owner, Space Forum, Indore), Ar. RajendraPhadke (Chief Architect and Planner, GIFT, Mumbai), Ar. Avinash Vyawahare (Assistant Vice President at Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd, Mumbai), Ar. Vinit Meerkar (Principal, IES College of Architecture, Mumbai) and Ar. Manmeet Arora (Aurangabad)

Games and other cultural events like face painting, dance competition, grab the doughnuts and many more were organized for the participants to elevate the flow of excitement and entertainment. The groups of different college students across Maharashtra brought the essence of the land by traditional Dhol-Pathak and flash mob routines.

The 3-day event concluded with a valedictory function wherein Mr. AyushKasliwal, the 5th keynote speaker shed light on the dire need of appropriate craft documentation techniques & the undeniable, inevitable role of the artisan as a creator. He expressed his strong concerns about how rural craft also requires a certain level of branding without which its successful value in the market cannot be understood.

The most exciting and awaited part of the valedictory function was the prize distribution ceremony wherein the Unit- Secretaries of all the colleges were felicitated followed by the announcement of the winners and runners-up of all the events held throughout the convention. D.Y. Patil College of Architecture, Kolhapur came out with flying colors by winning the overall college trophy.

The convention ended on an emotional note. The students took back with them lots of joyful memories & experiences.

JNEC, as the host college, received tremendous appreciation for successfully executing such a grand event. The NASA Council members, participants as well as MGM Management praised the whole team of students who worked hard to accomplish the event magnificently. The core- team involved the following students- Ms. Juveriah Hashmi (Accounts), Ms. Siddhi Kherdekar (Hospitatility), Ms. ShrutikaAutade, Ms. SharayuNavander (Security and Accomodation), Ms. SakshiGaddime (Food), Ms. PrajaktaGhodchore (Main Stage Event), Ms. Mansi Kale and Ms. Apoorva Kulkarni (Trophy), Ms. AkankshaMalu (On spot Events), Ms. RevatiShinde, Mr. ParthMuli, MsOjaswee Patil and Ms. SaloniMarlecha (College Decoration), Mr. SumitWykos (Registrations), Mr. KunalBagul (Workshop and Seminar), Mr. ShivtejRajale (Transport and Security), Mr. Bhavesh Patil and Mr. Aditya Patil (Design and Media).