MGM University        


HOD Information Technology

Dr. Sharvari C. Tamane

Indian Innovation Patent

Dr. Sharvari Chandrashekhar Tamane, Professor and HoD, Information Technology, MGM University, Aurangabad has published a patent on “Profile Based Mapping Social Media Sentiments using Cloud Cluster Security and Deep Learning“ on 21st August 2020 in the Indian Patent Advanced Search System, Government of India, along with Ms. Smita Chavan, AP, GCOE Aurangabad. The system of the invention deals with judgments, responses as well as feelings, generated from social media posts. It is extensively used in fields like data mining, web mining, cloud computing and social media analytics as sentiments are the most essential characteristics to judge the human behavior as well as human interest. This invention is creating ripples in research and industrial societies. Sentiments can be positive, negative, or neutral or it can contain an arithmetical score articulating the effectiveness of the sentiment. Sentiments can be expressed by calculating the judgment of people on a certain topic, approach, and sensation towards a unit, where a unit can be an occurrence, a theme, or even a character. Profile based sentiment analysis and opinion mining are used interchangeably in several cases though there are occurrences where they hold minute dissimilarities among themselves. Sentiment analysis works on discovering opinions, classify the attitude they convey, and ultimately categorize them division-wise.

One can use same approach in university admission process to sentiment the student’s interest. With the help of proposed idea one can handle all real time scenarios related to customer’s judgments and reviews.