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Research Center

About Research Center

MGM University very much support and promote research and development culture, right from the undergraduate level to Doctoral research by offering latest research facilities and research guides with high academic credentials.

Our goal is to produce and transfer the highest quality, significant application oriented engineering and technology research.

Through our strengths, MGM University can:

  • Improve economic development and quality of life and society
  • Improve our educational systems
  • Promote and support multi-disciplinary fundamental and applied research
  • Transfer technology developed through research and development activities to outside world (Lab-to-Land)
  • Support create Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Help launch start-up companies

Researchers registered in MGM University perform cutting-edge research in a variety of specialized focus areas to provide practical answers to needs of the society. In support of our researchers and their work, MGM University offers Doctoral Research Degree Programs in following Institutes through its respective Research centers.

Dr. R.B.Naik

Dean, Research and Development

  1. Civil Engineering Department – No. of internal Guides: 02, No. of Candidates: 03
Guide Name Candidate Name Topic
Dr. H. H. Shinde Mr. Madhusudan R. Vaidya Analysis for effects of rice husk ash and fly ash on Indexproperties of black cotton soil
Mr. Ravindra V. Wanjule Charecterisation of Air Pollution in Aurangabad city using in-situ measurements and remote sensing data
Dr. K.R. Harne Mr. Pradip Hangargekar A study on passive downdraft evaporative cooling system as energy conservation method
  1. Electronics Engineering Department – No. of internal Guides: 04, No. of Candidates: 08
Guide Name Candidate Name Topic
Dr. S.N. Pawar NIL --
Dr. V.B. Malode Mr. Ananda S. Paymode Artificial Intelligence for Agricultural:A Techniques of crop analysis and control for Sustainable Development.
Mr. Yogesh R. Khandekar Performance optimization of Fully Parallel Turbo Decoders for 5G
Mr. B.M. Kharat Engineering Approaches for the Improvement of Sensor Parameters of spinel
Ferrite based gas sensor.
Mr. Surendra Rakshit Design and Performance Analysis of High Power, High Efficiency Oscillator for Microwave Frequency Band Used in Next Generation Technology.
Aruna Phatale Computer vision based Dynamic Gesture Recognition and Translation of Indian sign language
Dr. S.A. Naveed Mr. Ajay Khake Internet of Things (IOT) based real time traffic control for smart city
Mr. J.R. Rana Study of LoRAWAN and its Application for smart City
Dr. V. A. More NIL NIL
V A Kulkarni Thyroid Disorder Detection Based on Ultrasound Image Analysis
  1. Computer Science Engineering Department – No. of internal Guides: 02, No. of Candidates: 07
Guide Name Candidate Name Topic
Dr. Vijaya B. Musande Ms. Sujata Gaikwad Multiscale & Multifeature Segmentation of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
Ms. Varsha Gaikwad Crop Disease Detection by Leaf Classification based on Deep Learning
Dr. Sharvari Tamne Ms. Manisha Bharati An Intrusion Prediction Model For Cloud Computing With Autonomic Systems
Ms. Seema Siledar Distortion-free watermarking for verifying integrity of outsourced relational databases
Ms. Manjusha Tatiya Web mashup security in cloud environment
Ms. Vrishali Chakkarwar Information Retrieval using Topic Modelling for Unstructured Data
Mr. Moumankhan Sayeedkhan Pathan A Novel Approach to Digital Marketing using Machine Learning.
  1. Mechanical Engineering Department: No. of Guides: 06, No. of Candidates: 14
Guide Name Candidate Name Topic
Dr. M.S. Kadam Mr. Umesh Sahebrao Patil Effect of Process parameters in MMAW for Joining Stainless Steel 304 with mild steel 1018 and Parameter Optimization.
Mr. Sachin Chandrakat Borse Optimisation of Machining Parameters in Micromachining of Inconel 718 Response surface Methodology
Mr. Satish Bhalerao Composites and its application in Electrical Engg.
Mr. Arun Dnyanoba Karad The effect of organic treatment on properties of tool steel
Mr. Ravindra S. Shivpuje Effect of Tool geometry and welding parameters of friction of stir welded joints of Aluminium Alloys
Mr. Munjaji U. Pople Study of Encapsulated sorbent for Adsorption Cooling Application
Dr. R.R.Deshmukh Mr. Kiram A. Awate Thermal Energy utilization in Grape wine in India
Mr. Prashant A. Narwade Modeling simulation and Analysis of suspension system with magnetic Rheological Dampers
Mr. Sachin Nagure An experimental investigation of mechanical properties of aluminum alloy reinforced with silicon carbide
Mr. Sushan Mahajan Study of parameters for the filling phase of Micro injection moulding using process simulation
Mr. Pankaj Dhoble A Simulation Study of advanced cooling strategies in plastic injection molding to optimize part quality
Dr. A.L. Chel Mr. Vitthal Jumbad Experimental Investigation of property changes in plasma electrolytic heat treatment of press tool steels
Mr. Anant V. Nemade Investigation of Thermal Performance IN Braking System of LMV: Development of Novel Liquid Cooled Brake Disc
Mr. Samir A. Telang Development of safety system in tractors
Mr. Sandeep S. Zirmire Optimization and Analysis of Different Parameters in Friction Stir Welding
Dr. A.B. Kulkarni NIL NIL
Dr. N.G. Phafat NIL NIL
Dr. D.R. Dolas NIL NIL
  1. Chemical Engineering Department: of Candidates: 02
Guide Name Candidate Name Topic
Dr. V.S. Taralkar Mr. Sandeep Munde Separation of Active Ingrediants from Medicinal Plants using Ionic solution
Mr. Shripal Gaikwad Reactive Extraction of carboxylic Acids using Appropriate Extractant & Diluents